Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pot o' flowers - - nuntium centesimum octogesimum quintum

Today is the first day to go back to school.  Students are next week but we start now.  People always ask, "Are you excited to go back to school?".  It makes me chuckle.  I am but I'm not.  I love getting up when I want to, being able to schedule dentist appointments whenever I want, having time to exercise (I ride my bike around the nearby lake for about an hour and half each day), cooking real meals and being able to sit at table.  And of course the time to tat is wonderful!  These things are hard to give up.
But do I love seeing the kids when they walk in the room and watch them grow and learn? Guiding them along their path during these often awkward and hard years? Enjoying their goofy and developing senses of humor? Of course!  So let's say, I love to be where I am.

I found these pictures of a Christmas gift I made for a teaching friend/colleague last winter.  She loves to garden and in December in MN, there's not much chance of that!  So I made her a rose garden and even had a little watering can with it (why isn't that in the picture, I wonder?)

Off to school!